Bright Lights, Dead City

Double Trouble

Pleasure Business

Warden Business kept me out of town for a few days. I come back to find my messages are full, and my apprentice is still missing. I sift through the junk messages before I hit an important message from Aaron. Something is going down and he needs my help a little too late albeit. A few “unclear” messages from a detective friend follows Aaron’s message, and then there’s one for Alex from the Delgado twins of all “people”. Now I had somewhere to begin my search for Alex, but since he didn’t seem to be in immediate danger I had to find out what happened to Aaron first.

I made some calls starting with setting up an appointment with Katalina Delgado later in the day, and then I returned my detective friend’s call. He didn’t give me much to go on over the phone so I told him to just pick me up. He didn’t show up alone. He had some pretty boy with him who I noticed had some sort of higher power backing him up and it wasn’t God. I had them bring me to ground zero. A graveyard, The Woodlawn Cemetery to be exact, how original for the Black Court to choose such a place. I noticed the remnants of a ward meant to keep things in and out. Inside where everyone believed Aaron died was full with mixed energy. I reached out with my Sight to sort through it all, and was able to see everything that happened there the night before.

I’m sure I saw everything the others missed. Aaron was never here nor his items of power. Whoever was posing as Aaron had real power. The glamour was almost perfect, hell it fooled the Black Court, but it looked like he wanted to get caught and pretty boy was the one he wanted to notice. I took a minute to pull Ken aside to ask him about his friend. He had little to tell me so I asked pretty boy, Johan, himself. He never said who was backing him, but I saw the spark in his eyes when I mentioned the poser with different colored eyes. I had little to go on and it was getting close to my time with Katalina. I had Ken drive us to Caesar’s Palace, and told them I’d meet them in the lobby.

Katalina’s receptionist was very attractive and dressed professionally. I only made it half-way through an article before I was able to see Katalina. Did you know men should have 21 ejaculations a month to lower their risk of prostate cancer? I greeted Katalina with the usual respect. Katalina is easy on the eyes and it’s hard not to notice. Yes she has power and yes she is dangerous, but she has not once made a move to influence or seduce me. I’m not sure why she is quick to give me information when it probably won’t come close to benefiting her. I’ve never heard of any White Court doing something for nothing. Maybe I simply amuse her or maybe she actually likes me. A question for another day. She told me Aaron called in a favor to get Sabrina out of last night’s mayhem, and that she was protecting her until some Vincent guy shows up. She gave me the address to find Aurora and Selena, the Delgado twins. I thanked her, and told her to give Sabrina a message that things aren’t what they seem and I’m looking into it.

I met the guys in the lobby after they finished gambling. I told Ken to head to Scarlet’s for food and drinks. While at Scarlet’s I overheard Johan ask Scarlet about some guy with different colored eyes, and she mentioned he was calling himself Loki. That’s when it hit me that Johan might be linked to Thor, Loki’s counterpart, but what the hell is someone with Thor’s backing doing here? Half the day gone and no real leads. Then Ken and Johan mention some girl they rescued from a ghoul the night before. She was at the hospital and again Ken drove us there. He used his badge to get us past the nurses. The girl was cooperative. She ended up describing the ghoul in detail and even drew a tattoo it had. The tattoo matched similar markings I saw in Spain earlier this year. Still short on leads Johan split from the group, and Ken and I went to check the ghoul crime scene. Ken talked us past the cop there, and I pointed him to a corpse of a dead Chinese woman after meeting the woman’s ghost, an aftereffect of opening the Sight earlier today.

On my own now, I made my way to Delgado Studios 69. Of course it was called that. The receptionist here was attractive too, but not in a professional way like Katalina’s receptionist. She was what you’d expect at a studio like this. She told me I was allowed to go back, and I was able to watch the ending scene involving the twins. After, they greeted me warmly (more like hot as the damn sun), and took me by each arm and down to their dressing room. It’s so hard to tell them apart, but damn they are hard to ignore. I asked them about Alex, but they were more interested in pleasure before business. I tried to resist I really did, but it’s been awhile and every man has his breaking point. The only thing I said before they started on me was “no feeding”. They agreed this time. I’d like to tell you I had my way with them, but I’d be lying. I easily lost track of time with the girls, but after they told me Alex was looking into the Nevernever and they stole books from Katalina about the topic. That gave me some leverage. If they kept this little rendezvous a secret I wouldn’t tell Katalina they stole the books. I knew where Alex went and I’m sure he’s dead or worse. He failed to listen to me and now he’s done. I’ll figure out how to deal with him, but first I want to know who this Johan guy is and where to find Aaron.

-Henry Varro


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