Bright Lights, Dead City

Fallen Silver

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

A Denarian of all things. Shiro had to show up and add more fire to the already lit fire. Fine, bring it Denarian. After I got the news from Shiro, Henry, with perfect timing, shows up to get filled in, and we begin making plans on moving that Demon Chest.

Time was “of the essence”, so to speak, so the elaborate plan Henry and I were working on a few days back was a no go. So we took the wrath approach. The plan was simple, grab the chest and get to a safe spot in the spirit world, or Nevernever as Henry says. Then, we get to the White Council’s HQ for a break. After that, we push back through the “Nevernever” and into Rome. Easy enough, right?

Why avoid it if you already know it’s a trap? Two black SUV’s quickly pulled up and boxed us in. I guess it’s time to ruin another vehicle. The chase was on. They shot at us and we shot not only bullets but magic at them. Reuben’s truck was taking a beating from the gunfire; I’ll just chalk this one up as an I.O.U. It took a bit, but the old girl pulled through and we got away from the gunmen.

The chase ends there, right? Wrong. A little bit down the road stood a six legged bear and a huge wolf with mantis arms attached to it. Broken truck, two Denarians, and two Champions of God. Shiro thought he’d play hero alone, but I quickly jumped out and moved beside him. Henry tossed me some juice that got me moving faster than a human should. I saw him drink down something too that let him grab the chest on one shoulder and Sherman, who took a bullet I think, on the other shoulder. I kept both the wolf Denarian and team of Henry and Constantine as they went and talked some guy out of his truck. Damn wolf got me with one of his mantis claws, but I put a nasty hit back on him too. The poison from the claw worked fast. The grace of God let me push through the pain long enough for the others to get moving on the truck. Shiro came up to take the wolf Denarian off me when the Bear was nowhere to be found. I took off with inhuman speed catching up to the others with no trouble.

Not long after we made it to the safe house, and shortly after Henry got the portal to the Nevernever open. I saw him grab some snacks but couldn’t figure out why. The way was safe enough. Some Small fae were on the path and Henry struck a deal with them offering the snacks as payment. Henry noticed they were leading us off the normal path and asked them about it. I never heard them say anything, but Henry seemed to trust them so we pushed on. This poison was starting to wear me down when we made it to the White Council’s HQ. Some tall Native American wizard looked me over and by morning I was 100% again. Some other wizard gave us an update and directions on the Nevernever heading toward Rome. It seemed we had to go through trouble one way or another. Henry was called away by his commanding officer, I think. He came back later and said his mentor should be meeting us when we got through the Nevernever.

So that was that. We started pushing through the Nevernever again making great time from what Henry said. We came to a dark area said to be the hunting grounds of Malk, a large cat like winterfae. Sherman, in wolf form, noticed them first. They had us surrounded. Henry tried to use his status as a Warden, but the only response was to run to make it fun for them. So it was a fight they wanted, we were all too happy to oblige them. They rushed us from the shadows catching us off guard. After their surprise was gone I had to fulfill a promise and ripped one’s throat out. I killed a few I know, and Henry spared an equal amount.

We made it from Vegas to Rome in tow days without flying. We just had to put some “things” in their place along the way. I recognized the man’s face when we arrived in Rome. What was his name, ugh? He flipped a silver coin and I knew it was him. He was the traitor, and now he was a Denarian. Constantine tried to reason with him, but it was a waste of time. Suddenly, he became a large, four armed, praying mantis. I rushed him putting a fist right in the damn thing’s face. I saw Henry throw a lightening bolt over my shoulder knocking it back a bit. Sherman moved to put some of his claws to work, and Constantine started praying forcing the Denarian to double over in pain. He wasn’t a match for us and I think he started to realize it. Luckily, Henry’s Mentor showed up hitting the thing with a truck into some water. He probably got away, but the next time I see him I’m gonna shove my gauntlet down his throat and make him eat His Wrath.

Henry wanted to spend a few days in Rome. I noticed when he and his mentor entered the Vatican they both said some prayer at the same time. We took a little vacation before heading back the way we came. This time the Malk didn’t try their luck.

Now, I need to prepare for Sunday’s service…

- Aaron Katz

((Written by JeffReil))
((Edited and Reviewed by HShot45))


It was an early morning, but not early enough that I’d get chewed out for showing up so early. I hadn’t seen my apprentice in a few days, but that didn’t stop the supernatural from messing with my city. I had apparently arrived at Aaron’s house at the right moment to meet one of the Swords of the Cross, Shiro. Shiro was telling Aaron of a Denarian in town looking for the Demon Chest. Aaron and I put together our plan and then called Sherman and Constantine to join the fight.

We used Reuben’s truck to pick up the chest at the warehouse and take it to one of the Warden’s safe-houses. The problem came when some mercenaries showed up and started shooting at us. Sherman took a bullet and Constantine started shooting back. I focused some magic at taking out the drivers and using wind magic to help protect the truck long enough to get away.

We got away only to come up against not one but two Denarians. Shiro and Aaron, to everyone’s surprise, jumped out to go toe-to-toe with the Denarians. I tossed Aaron my super speed potion and I chugged down my super strength potion. Constantine couldn’t coax Reuben’s truck to life so I spotted another truck not far from us. Using that might potion I snatched up both the Demon Chest and Sherman, and started hauling them toward that truck. Constantine talked the guy out of his truck with no problems. I tossed the chest in the back and laid Sherman beside it. Constantine started the truck and got us out of there. A few seconds later I see Aaron running toward us and jumping into the back. I guess he found a way to lose the Denarian.

We made it to the safe-house and I got some things for the Nevernever. On the Nevernever path to the White Council HQ we came across some Sprites. I offered them some snacks if they scouted up ahead. They started leading us off the normal path and I asked them if it was safe for us. And I made sure “us” meant the non-fae. They said a simple yes by flying up and down. The fae can’t lie so I trusted them as much as anyone trusts a fae. We made it to our checkpoint and took a rest. Joseph Listens-to-Wind looked over Aaron’s wound he got from the Denarian.

On our push to Rome we came across some Malks. I’m not sure what made them think they could go toe-to-toe with a Warden and a Hand of God, but we put them in their places. Aaron killed a few as an example and I spared some so they could relay the message.

When we arrived in Rome we were greeting by one of the original guards of the chest that we saved when we first got involved. It seems that he was the traitor and now a Denarian. The fight was fast and I had the feeling he was going to flee if Alistair didn’t show up ramming him with a truck and into the waters of Rome. We delivered the chest and the new information we just got about the traitor to the Vatican. The Vatican was a sight to behold in its own right.

I told everyone I wanted to take in the sights for a few days. Wardens don’t really get vacations so we tend to hang around areas a few days longer instead. It was nice to pay my respects to the Vatican along with Alistair.

Now, we’re back in Vegas and I still have a tone of work to do. I wonder if Alex is coming back soon. Oh well, I have bigger things to worry about than a lost apprentice…

- Henry Varro

Fallen Silver
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