Bright Lights, Dead City

Holy Rollers

What's In The Box?

I go off for two weeks to study the Tempest and find a way to deal with the Sycorax when it decides to show up. You would think Vegas could run itself without me… sigh. The good news came from a priest, no surprise there, when Aaron decided to call me, and let me know that the church’s Powers-That-Be decided to move a box that has a demon sealed in it without telling anyone that could have made the delivery… uh I dunno… safer. The group making the delivery didn’t check in last night. At least they had the last known location.

Once we got to the sleazy motel in the desert I wasted no time and attempted to sense the essence of the demon or any other supernatural being. Aaron went to the office to do who knows what. I followed my senses to one of the rooms, hexed the lock, and popped a quick veil. One of the easiest places to find something left behind by someone is the bathroom. Inside the room was a horrific scene of some disgusting, adult… sporting. I didn’t have to look hard to find some hair in the bathroom. It was easy enough to notice it didn’t belong to the couple in the main room which was a plus. A few seconds I hear Aaron talking to the couple. Talking or arguing? Didn’t matter, Alex showed up then and convinced the couple he worked there and got them out of the room. I headed outside and started up my tracking spell while the others did something.

The tracking spell took us to the delivery boys in time to save them from bleeding to death in the desert. After looking over the scene, scraping some paint off the delivery SUV, summoning a spirit, not my doing, and questioning the survivors we headed out toward my new tracking spell location. An abandoned van, dark energy, and the scent of possible targets or possible trouble. Sherman, our shaman/werewolf, takes off on the trail of the scent while everyone else scrambles to follow.

What do you expect when you walk into a biker gang’s bar? Probably nothing good. Now, imagine the biker gang are all lycanthropes. Ever stare a wolf down? They won’t forget it any time soon trust me. Thugs verse Wardens, a Champion of God, and a Shaman probably isn’t a fair fight, but I don’t make the rules. After my stare down with Jesus, the lycanthrope leader, we found out they dropped the box off with some short, greasy weirdo. Aaron wanted to question Vega Cortez, and since he was driving we couldn’t really say no. Vega was his normal self, not saying much there. The guy really knows how to push buttons. At least he gave us the video of his van being “stolen”.

A call later, a new address, and more investigating lead us to the apartment of our warlock. Talk about mess, but then again I guess you don’t expect much from someone summoning demons for a living. I went to the quickest place to find some hair or nail clippings, and was brought some books when Aaron found some hidden in the guy’s room. I took a look over them real quick, put the tracking spell on and when the others, off doing their own thing, showed up we went to get Mr. Demon Summoner.

Usually if something can go wrong it will. We should have been avoiding bridges that night, or at least Aaron’s car should have been avoiding bridges that night. Trolls, they’re real and they’re dumb. Trolls be trolling I guess. Once we made it past the troll and to the location of Mr. Demon Summoner, Aaron thought it would be a good idea to ram the front door taking down a ghoul in the process. We flooded out of the car only to be met by another, bigger ghoul and three novice spellslingers. I heard the chant of some thaumaturgy spell and took off for the summoner’s inner circle. I thought he’d have some sense after I broke his circle, but I guess I gave too much credit to the insane villain. My apprentice, Alex, rushed in there with me and grabbed the chest breaking the spell in progress, but that also released all of the energy into the building. It did it’s job at taking Demon Summoner out, but it also weakened the chest and the demon started pushing its way out. Luckily, the combined force of two wizards, and a champion of God was enough to put a band-aid over the chest.

I had no choice. There was no way I was going to be able to restore the full seal by myself to that chest. I had to call in the Council. They sent Ebenezer McCoy and Alistair Kendricks. Alistair’s daughter, Katheryn, tagged along. I guess it’s a lesson for her or something. Now, the White Council wants to convene in Vegas, and I have a feeling heads will roll…

-Henry Varro


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