Bright Lights, Dead City

Knight's Legacy

Side Job #1

Henry: “…and so we finished up delivering the chest to the Vatican. I decided we would stay a few days longer for a short vacation.”

Aaron: “That first night I received a vision from God. I was fighting in the Crusades and at some point during the dream I noticed it wasn’t me, but one of my ancestors. I went to find Henry the next morning and asked if he’d say in Rome for at least a week while I went to do something… something I didn’t even know I had to do.”

Henry: “That made my excuse easier to the White Council. I wanted to stay that long anyways.”

Aaron: “So, I rented a car and headed out. I’m not sure how I got there, but what seemed like a few minutes turned out to be two days. I had made my way to some small village in France. The only English speaking person I found in the pub became my translator at the church. The priest there lead me to a tomb hidden inside the church. There I ran into four dead knights…”

Henry: “They were ghosts not actual knights.”

Aaron: “What’s the difference?”

Henry: “When someone dies there spirit moves on. If a ghost is created it is just a copy of the original not the original itself.”

Aaron: “Whatever. Anyways, they asked me some questions, which I found irritating, then they decided to challenge me for my Family’s Gauntlet. Without warning they attacked and I took them all on at once. It proved to be little trouble. Their captain told me the item I was there for was stolen long ago by some Francisco vampire…”

Henry: “A Black Court Vampire. The Dracula kind.”

Aaron: “Would you stop interrupting?”

Henry: “No. This is when Aaron called me up and asked me to meet him in Spain. We meet up a few days later outside of Madrid. I did some looking around a found a nice little shop with camping supplies in the front and ex-military gear in the back.”

Aaron: “We headed out to the village in Spain and clearly it had a dark presence about it.”

Henry: “I threw up a veil and we decided to sneak in when the church bells started ringing. When we got closer I instantly knew there was bad mojo here. Suddenly, there was buzzing sound and then a loud pop. We looked up and saw there was a modern day surveillance camera that just shorted out because of my magic.”

Aaron: “We hurried out of there and back to our camp a few hundred yards away. Just as it grew dark we heard some noise in the forest. Two brainwashed humans…”

Henry: “Renfields.”

Aaron: Glares at Henry “…Renfields and a vampire. We took them out quickly and brought the bodies with us as we escaped.”

Henry: “Then this guy here gets the idea to steal a car.” Puts on an innocent look “But it takes him like 30 minutes just to hot wire it.”

Aaron: Sighs “Look European cars are a lot different than American cars.”

Henry: “He then decides we’re gonna take the car back, put the bodies inside it, light the gas tank on fire with a long rag, and hope to God the car can steer itself into the village and blow itself up.”

Aaron: “Which it did and caused panic like I wanted. I don’t think it hurt anyone that was not messed in the head.”

Henry: “We ran to the church during the distraction. I could feel an alarm ward on the door, but we already made a big splash so we just kept on going. Inside we ran into a few more Renfields, but we just pushed past them and locked the doors behind us. In the security room I made sure to hex everything so there would be no evidence of us being there other than witnesses and I guess magical residue.”

Aaron: “Yeah because this guy here had to at least remain in a ‘gray’ area. He didn’t help me fight off any of the vampires because of his status as a Warden…”

Henry: Give an apologetic look

Aaron: “When we made it to the final room I saw the boots of my ancestor…”

Henry: “And three caskets with Francisco sitting in one. He didn’t look happy.”

Aaron: “We talked for a bit and then I grabbed the boots from the shelf and ran.”

Henry: “I didn’t have time to warn Aaron I was preparing a spell, but once we both made it back into the halls I let loose an air spell that acted like dynamite and closed the tunnel. ‘Some things’ find it hard to die. The vampire went into a gas like form and started pushing through the debris. I put into effect another spell that acted as a vacuum keeping him there long enough to get away.”

Aaron: “And by the grace of God we made it out alive with my new boots.”

Henry: “More like new-to-you boots.”

A long silence falls over the room for a minute.

Sabrina: Full of sarcasm “If you wanted new shoes then we could have gone to the mall. And why is it you never take me to nice places?”


You know, I was wondering that since I had gotten shot during this little adventure I should go start up my rap career. Cause everybody knows that once you get shot, you become an instant rap sensation.

Knight's Legacy

Only works if you’re black. White rappers just have to sell out or have a shit ton of domestic problems.

Knight's Legacy

Got that one covered too. I know the true pain of loss and having nothing. I would say ask the ones on my way to reach where I am now but good luck finding any that still has the ability to answer.

Knight's Legacy

I think you need to stop, collaborative and listen.

Knight's Legacy


Knight's Legacy

Hahahaha, we can call ourselves the honky wanksters.

Knight's Legacy

I could never make a rap album. Too many electronics involved.

Knight's Legacy

You can just put yourself in a magic circle. Then for the ending light show we could just have you step out and blow everything up.

Knight's Legacy
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