Bright Lights, Dead City

People Skills

Politics & The Student Council

So, the council made their big appearance and it didn’t go as bad as I thought. The Demon Chest came down to a vote that was close, but we’re giving it back over to the Church to deal with. I’m not sure who will be going on that “wonderful” trip. After the meeting we found our way to Scarlet’s pub for a few drinks on what should have been the end of the day. On my way out I was stopped by Meredith, a minor talent. She told me her boyfriend Justin, another minor talent, had been acting weird since the weekend. Her and I headed to their place where I found Justin lost in some sort of daze repeating the name “Alexandria”. Meredith told me he had been at some party that weekend hosted by a girl named Jessica.

After a few drinks there is no such thing as a bad idea, so I called up Aaron not thinking I’d be waking his wife up too. Since she was awake I might as well put her to work. I had her run the name Meredith gave me and asked of any noise complaints in that area. Sabrina came back with an address and she was “nice” enough to let Aaron come out and play. We went to the address, but it was late and I didn’t want to be caught snooping around in a well-for-itself neighborhood. We instead poked our nose on another lead. Lets just say we won’t be checking into the ICU anytime soon.

The next morning, Sabrina decides to get some payback with an early phone call. Luckily, Katy was up with some delicious coffee. Aaron showed up not long after and Katy was sweet enough to make us some breakfast. We headed out to his wife to watch some security footage that left us with questions and little answers to yet another problem. Aaron and I decided to check back on that address. If you’ve been out of school for awhile you tend to forget what time it’s usually in session. Jessica’s mom answered and was surprised when we asked about a party. I wonder if it was my people skills that made her mad? We then came up with the idea of ambushing Jessica by making it seem Justin wanted to talk to her. Jessica had a few awkward responses about Alexandria that I picked up on at the start. Now, we just needed to find little Mrs. Warlock.

The con was simple, Katy poses as a possible new student and tries to get information from the students, while I pretend to be her wealthy uncle trying to get her into a nice school. Aaron was gonna play the part of a reference and got us in with no problems. The problem came when Katy started getting the evil kind of stares from the student body. Seems Mrs. Warlock has been busy. We got Alexandria’s address from the records in the Dean’s office and made a B-line to Aaron’s truck. It felt like something out of a horror movie. Yes, wizards can watch movies, as long as it’s something like a drive in or we seat far from the projector. We had a whole army of students chasing us. Some jock got a hold on Katy, but it didn’t last long with Aaron there. I kept the rest of the students back with a powerful gust of wind as we made our escape. Another jock pulled a terminator move when he jumped on the back of the truck, and I had to bash his face in with my cane. He hit the ground in a roll, stood up and kept on coming.

We lost the kids with little trouble and found Alexandria’s house. Aaron didn’t want to play around and simply kicked her door in. Her mother charged us with some knitting tools. I was preparing a spell to gently put her down when Aaron took her down with a simple jab. I guess you don’t need magic to solve everything. Our warlock wasn’t home, but she wasn’t careful either. I found a DNA sample and used a tracking spell to find her “new house”.

She had a small army of mortals guarding her new place. I put up a veil around Aaron and myself while Katy used Aaron’s truck to lure the mortal goons away. I’m sure Aaron’s heart was racing when a horde of students came running at us only to go around my veil after Katy. We made our way inside pushing by the threshold. Alexandria was on the phone and said. “They’re coming, what do I do?” I told Aaron to grab her and follow me as I opened a portal into the Nevernever. I wasn’t thinking on what could have been on the other side, but I felt “it” as soon as we went through. I quickly closed the rift and ran having Aaron following me. There was no time to explain, but we made it to a safe exit rift. I did hear “it” say it would look me up later. I’m so not looking forward to that.

Now that that’s settled, it’s time for a soulgaze, some interrogation, and a little beheading. I have no time for games in my city…

-Henry Varro


I love it, keep up the great work with the adventure logs.

People Skills
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