Bright Lights, Dead City

The Meet and Greet

Evil Acts

The first call I got as the new Warden of Vegas was to check in on the White Council wizard, Prospero. I didn’t want to come down on him like most of the other wardens usually do. So, I approached him without my cloak and sword. Maybe I should count myself lucky he didn’t attack me just for talking to him, but then again if he did that we might not have an evil spirit on the loose. The initial investigation didn’t turn up anything except a pair of tickets to the show. I guess this way when it went wrong I would be there.

The night of the play was more exciting than any other play I’ve ever been too… or should I say in? The lobby was packed and I got the chance to meet and greet with Katalina Delgardo again. I’m glad she doesn’t see me as food. Unfortunately, The Red Courts decided to show up and Vega Cortez had to throw his weight around. I’ve got to remember to make sure Alex stays in line around Vega’s muscle. What was his name, Terry I think? Whatever he’s not important.

Since Prospero thought so highly of himself, he failed to do the complete research on his ritual and his error caused the Sycorax to manifest from the pages of the Tempest using his power. Luckily, the White Court Vampires came to our aid against the weak mind controlled Red Courts. Of course, the Red Court distraction stopped me from getting to the stage in time to stop Prospero, but once I saw what the Sycorax really was I knew it was a bad day. The night left Prospero dead, his daughter injured, a Fae owing me a favor, and a powerful Spirit is loose in the Nevernever. At least I recovered the two stolen manuscripts. Maybe the council won’t be too mad…

-Henry Varro


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