Slyph Fae, endebted to Henry Varro


Ariel’s real name is as of yet unknown. She helped the wizard Prospero in his scheme to try to forsake his power and store it in an amulet. Prospero had promised her a rare copy of A Midsummer’s Night Dream penned in Shakespeare’s own hand which was stolen from the White Council headquarters in Edinburgh.

After Prospero was killed by the entity known as Sycorax, Ariel tried to flee amidst the chaos only to be stopped by Henry. Not wanting to risk the wrath of a grey warden, despite the protection of the Unseelie Accords, she made a deal with Henry. She promised him three small favors, two of which she was able to fulfil in the form of information about the location of items stolen by the White Council and about the events leading up to the conjuration of Sycorax.

Henry, to his own chagrin, forgot to obtain Ariel’s real name, and may never be able to cash in the final favor.


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