Gauntlet of Justice for the Hand of God


Gauntlet worn by the Hand of god. Primary color is black with red tint flowing through it. The cross color is gold and trimmed with white. Can only be worn or used by the Hand of God or the legitemate heir. Only way to become an heir for the gauntlet is to be born into the katz family.


The gauntlet was first worn by Marcus Fenix. The gauntlet had no real power until he struck down a black court vampire king to save the village that was being attacked by them. The gauntlet was used as the final blow to rip out the heart of the fanged beast. God seeing the love and devotion the man had for him and the innocents he was protecting, he gave power to the gauntlet so that if there was ever a need for God’s will there would be a weapon that a true Champion of God could use to destroy the evil. The church of the town had Marcus Fenix change his name to Marcus Katz. They gave him the new last name because the seen him as the priest of justice that would always be there to protect the innocent. The gauntlet has been passed down generation from generation to finally land on the hand of Aaron Katz. Now the gauntlet impowers him to fulfill God’s will.


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